Ten Greatest African American Jazz Saxophonists Sunday Feb. 21, 3pm


Ten Greatest African American Jazz Saxophonists celebrates the contributions of African American saxophone masters and how they shaped our distinctly American art form – Jazz. Equal parts performance and presentation, this program explores their music and reveals how their contributions have influenced the music and musicians that came after them.
Presentation/Performance by Jim Clark
Sunday, Feb. 21 3pm
Norwalk Public Lilbrary
1 Belden Ave. Norwalk CT


4 thoughts on “Ten Greatest African American Jazz Saxophonists Sunday Feb. 21, 3pm

  1. Jim,
    Thank you for your performance yesterday at the Norwalk Library and your good efforts in advancing the understanding and appreciation for America’s true art form. As promised, this is the link to “Eastwood After Hours Live at Carnegie Hall – Lester Leaps In” – . Five Afro-American sax players, one Afro-American trumpet player plus one white sax player, my departed good friend Flip Phillips all trading choruses. Flip was 83 years old at the time and still “cooking”.
    Best regards,

    • Hey Jim – I was glad you made it to the event yesterday! I will definitely check out the link, and look forward to hearing more of your stories about your friend Flip Phillips.

  2. Jim –

    Your presentation and performance at the Norwalk library today was just astounding, thank you! I learned so much. Thank you for giving back. Do you offer music lessons to saxophone players?

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