R&B Horns for Band-in-a-Box by Jim Clark

“Body & Soul” Norwalk Library 2-13-2013

“In a Sentimental Mood” Darien Library 1-17-2013

“Night and Day” Darien Library 1-17-2013

“Georgia On My Mind” Norwalk Green 7-17-2011

Honeysuckle Rose by Fats Waller & Andy Razaf
Norwalk Library July 15, 2010
From our Memory Lane concert series: Great American Songwriting Teams Pt. 1
Tracey Marble – vocal, Jim Clark – soprano sax, Chris Coogan – keys

Music or Noise? 5-5-2009

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  1. As opposed to “noise” — such as a spoon stuck in a garbage disposal — music is a way of painting portratis of human emotion using sound. Just like paint in itself has no emotion, sound does not either — until it arranged in just the right way by an artist to create a portrait of a feeling. If the portrait in sound painted by a musical perforrmer successfully speaks to and for the heart of a listener — paints just the right emotional portrait — what has been created is called a hit.

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